Shop Happenings: The rings are getting their close-up!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Barrie here, sharing some exclusive behind-the-scene pics of what goes on here in the shop. This past week I spotted Will setting up the photo equipment and decided to grab a few quick pics of him working his photography magic on our amazing new rings.  Here at B&I we're just your typical jewelry-making, super-styling, photo-taking, dog-loving family.  No big deal.


(For the record, those are not rolls of toilet paper in the bottom left corner, it's receipt paper! Get your heads out of the gutter, people!)


Gingham had to take a break from setting up all the lights. She works so hard and we love her for it!  Don't you wish you could be up in our office (constantly ten degrees warmer than the sales floor) making this kind of magic happen? Check out the end results. Glorious I tell you!


Jagged Plateau Ring



Sun Cup Ring



Badlands Ring



I want them all. Thanks for being such a great photographer, Will! Oh, and don't worry, people, we have tons more! Just check the new rings here, or pop into the shop. We love seeing how good those rings look on your pretty hands. Also, be sure to expect more "Shop Happenings" every Wednesday! Hooray! Love, Barrie ***Song of the moment, Blinded By The Light, by Manfred Mann's Earth Band***

Group 7