BLOG AMPLIFICATION ALERT: We get by with a little help ...

I started this blog back in 2008, when the business was brand new, when I was the only one operating it.  Decades have gone by disguised as 4.5 years and much has changed, grown and blossomed.  With the degree + caliber of help I have now, I often look back and wonder how in the heck I managed it all on my own.  I am blown away by my partner, Will, and the awesome collection of employees we've somehow wrangled into the b&i family.  They all inspire me on a daily basis. The two newest additions bring a young spark and insight into a business I've often felt alien to (but like the good kind of friendly alien).  They are fashion queens and style goddesses.  They are sprightly, ambitious harmonies in a full-formed band.  They are design freaks and lipstick geeks.  They are as kind, loving, and goofy as the rest of us; they are a perfect fit with the past, present, and future of betsy & iya. INTRODUCING:  Kelly & Barrie.

(When we met to hear their ideas about blog amplification, they showed up unintentionally wearing the exact same outfit... down to mix-matched b&i earrings and morse code necklaces.  Good sign? I think so.)

From starting the business until now, I've always had major plans to spend more time with you on this blog.  I've got blog post drafts that go years back.  I've got pictures piled up and memories waiting to be unlocked in my head.  Ideas are lined up around the corner, dying to get in.  I started things here and never followed through because time kept pushing up against me.  NOW, with the expert help from  these two, we're finally going to make the blog dreams a reality. The originals (me + Will + Gingham)  will still be here, eagerly telling you our stories.  We're just adding to the awesomeness to make it more awesome.  I'm not going to tell you much more apart from this:  expect LOADS of posts about life in and out of betsy & iya. (We're kicking it off old school style.  Expect an OOTD post later on TODAY, wheeeee!!!) And...thank you for being here. We heart you guys----always have, always will. xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Juniper, by Y La Bamba***
Group 7