Gingham's notebook: Dogs on vacation.

This is the deal, I need to get out of here.  It's SUMMATIME!   I'm tired of all the hammering, the whistling, the jokes, the hustle & bustle.  I just need a break.  I'm pleased to bring all of my new finds from mom and dad's shop.  Check it out:


hot dress by Jessalin Buetler. I wore it one day and everyone wanted it. SOLD OUT. (but coming back VERY soon).


This new red clutch from Cipriano will look SO HOT with my dress!!


The new rings and cuffs from mom's new collection are KILLING me.


I will most certainly be bringing the new SHC scent, Bergamot + Black Tea. My host's nose will go NUTS over this one. A little candle, a little night time rawhide action...perfect.


Hottest dog leg you've ever seen, amirite!?


b&i hot new necklaces, Voz bangle action, I'll take one for each paw.


Bath time with Prunella's adventure sticks. PURRFECT (ugh! I really dislike that word).


New rope bracelets by Machete. GET THESE ON MY PAWS!


Just like Downton Abby. ...take me away in my coach, butler! 


On my way with everything I need!!  I hope you all are having wonderful summer vacations. Remember, when you visit the b&i brick and mortar shop, take one quick look up and you just might see my nose. kiss your FACES! ~Gingham Macpherson ***Song of the Moment: Turn Your Lights Down Low, by Bob Marley & The Wailers***

Group 7