Outfit of the Day: Matty is Captain Collegiate

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for a good vintage tee. Those ones you spot at a random thrift store or the one that gets passed down from generation to generation into your wardrobe.. the extra soft ones with the fantastic fonts & color combinations. Betsy_and_iya_new_Outfit_of_the_Day_portland_fashion Matt wears this one every once in a while and dare I say it, I'd like to borrow it, never give it back, & wear it always. Is that bad? I'm serious though; it's got an eagle going in-for-the-kill on a soccer ball! I would soooo sign up for that soccer team, wouldn't you?! And we would definitely win. Betsy_and_iya_new_Outfit_of_the_Day_portland_fashion-2 Betsy_and_iya_new_Outfit_of_the_Day_portland_fashion-3 Betsy_and_iya_new_Outfit_of_the_Day_portland_fashion-5Betsy_and_iya_new_Outfit_of_the_Day_portland_fashion-6 Matty says: "Don't eagle-attack me, guuuuurrrrrl."


Royal Blue Cotton Tee, vintage

Cut-off jean shorts by Levi's

Golden Gate cuff in Silver Plated by betsy & iya

I guess for right now I'll assuage the need to eagle-attack matty for this shirt by going on a thrift hunt for one of my own. Wish me luck, y'all.



***Song of the Moment: Power Trip (feat. Miguel) by J Cole***

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