Summer Favorites: Matthew.

Lights. Camera. ACTION! It's Matty's turn for our Summer Favorites series. MATTY Favorite color for Summer >>Ice Blue. That's a very specific blue, right? It makes me feel cool --wink--. Favorite seasonal fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s) >>Broccoli! Is this considered a seasonal veggie? I don't care. I have been craving it all the time. What song(s)/Artist(s) are on your Summer playlist? >>Waking up on my way to work, Mumford and Sons. To make my workday fly, some comedy by Natasha Leggero. Leaving work with some sass, Nicki Minaj. Favorite restaurant to sit outside of >>Love me some EastBurn. Great drinks, amazing Happy Hour, plus fire.....and SWINGS! Favorite activity >>I am a theater nerd, and always will be. I love being in or going to see as many Shakespeare shows as I can. Drink, eat, see some Bill. Favorite Summer smell(s) >>Bonfire. Hands down. I can't get enough of it. I won't wash clothes that have the smell until I have too (don't judge). S'mores, booze, fire, and friends. Ultimate Summer vacation destination >>I would love to go home to Chicago! I think it's safe to say that there are a lot of Portlanders that have roots in other cites, and we miss our family and friends... BUT, I also would kill for a Chicago summer thunderstorm. Would you rather: Throw the most bitchin' pool party for your friends and deal with a giant mess to clean up the next day? Or attend the coolest pool party of the summer, but drop your phone in the pool? >>I would definitely like to attend the party and drop my phone in the pool. Not only have I cleaned my fair share of summer parties, but sometimes its nice to be without a phone. Everyone I know would be at the party anyway, right? Plus, then I can get the iPhone 5. Duh.

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Personally, I would have rather thrown the party and dealt with the clean up. Got no money to pay for a new phone! Plus, then I'd be the be the new popular girl of the summer! Woot woot! Thanks, Matty!! Great answers. Stay tuned next week!   Summerlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Babel by Mumford & Sons***
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