Mississippi Street Fair & Urban Craft Uprising Recap.

We survived! Last weekends craft shows were a success! If you didn't hear, betsy & iya split up this past week to cover our brick & mortar shop, the Mississippi Street Fair on N. Mississippi Ave., and the Urban Craft Uprising craft show in Seattle. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure: mississippi The swarm of Mississippi shoppers...It seems to never end!


Last year Kelly captured the craziness of the Mississippi Street Fair and this year might have been even crazier! It's also nice to see the progression of Matty's hair from then and now. ;) ucu panorama Panorama pic of the Exhibition Hall in Seattle Center.

UCU was also movin' & shakin' for two full days of crafty splendor. Hopefully I did the show justice like Kelly did last year.

UCU Check out our awesome new earring display! Will made it just a few days before the show with a friend of his. What a mind, am I right?


Fun was had by all, and if you were one of the awesome people to join us at our booths or the shop then we thank you for being so beautiful & wonderful and we hope to see you again next year (but hopefully sooner than that)! Superduperlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Stars by The XX***

Group 7