Outfit of the Day: Embracing the Fluff.

Sunday I participated in the most ridiculous fashion event I've ever been to:  BARGAIN HUNTING 101 (a PDX local collective sale).  Though this time, I was on the shopping side of things ---SHWEW!!  It was NASTY in there.  The moment I found a great little open pocket, a swarm of women with shopping bags instead of hands would crowd around me, salivating and grunting with a blatant Frankenstein stare-- wanting the very shirt I held in my hands.  I would've been eaten alive with my sweet little handmades.  Luckily I held my own long enough to escape with some KILLER new finds which will be highlighted very soon in my upcoming OOTDs.

embracing fluff embracing fluff

Before I set foot in that monster of a sale, I HAD to be armed with coffee.  I looked a little disheveled, similar to the picture above.  So...I set out with some top ladies over to Whole Foods and ran to the coffee counter.  There, I discovered a woman working behind the counter, who inspired me greatly.  She had short curly hair, much like the lady below, but even more curly and much more wily.

I asked her to disclose her wild curly secret.  She said the secret was that there was no secret.  She gave up years ago on her muddy dirty wiry kinky  journey for the perfect curl.  That's precisely when she found bouncy bliss.  She does nothing.  So...today's OOTD is in honor of her: embracing the fluff.  Check it:

sliding it out sliding it out

racer jacket racer jacket

Scarf purchased at bargain price from new favorite store/designer Idom...more from them to follow.  Yahooey!  The sexy jacket was purchased in Sweden; when I first bought it, I wore it everyday.  It was a little too small for me at the time---oops.


Obey Me Owl Tee Obey Me Owl Tee

This sweet tweet shirt came from another new store (to me) called Adorn.  Yummy: another new local store to fall in love with.  In this photo, I swear I'm not trying to poke my heehaws out in a provocative way, I just want you to get a good look at the colorful hooter.  I really do like this shirt and it's incredibly comfortable--highly recommend their stuffs.

Ode to the Hair:

FLUFF master FLUFF master


Yeah.  I really like being careless with the hair--pushing it up and out ON PURPOSE is wildly liberating.  I felt like a nude hippy running through the flowery fields yesterday, alone.  It was magical.

Embrace the Fluff, people.  There is no better way for us kinky-haired folkadees.

***Song of the Moment: Mollie's Curly Hair, by Jimmy Jackson***
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