Today is full of unlikely texture mixing, contrasting rich colors and bold ideas---city verses country, all mixed into one.
[caption id="attachment_420" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="sweet home prairie city"]sweet home prairie city[/caption] rich berry dress:  awesome Idom on Alberta Street. charcoal textured tights and long sleeve navy blue tee: anywhere local and cool. aqua thick knee high socks: sock dreams on Powell. frye boots: Johnny Sole downtown. I love how I look slightly done in this photo.  Maybe subconsciously I'm mad at myself for getting out of bed too early which was actually too late and I had to rush to work...eek...hate rushing.  The studio is all out of sorts right now as I'm attempting to upgrade my filing and shipping systems.  So...walking in to chaos didn't really help either.  Despite the aforementioned, I actually feel really great today---it's super sunny, I've stayed busy after the holidays,  and minus the three day old hair, I think I'm lookin' pretty darn smashing. Three day hair:

wild hairwild hair 2wild hair 3wild hair 4

I'm pushing the fluff with my hair today.  One step farther than my comfort zone.  Natural "product" adds texture and height.  I'm liking it the more and more I sit with it. ***Song of the Moment: To Go Home, by M. Ward***

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