[caption id="attachment_397" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="mama's little reflection"]mama's little reflection[/caption] Today, I remind myself of my mother.  It's a beautiful, comforting  reminder full of breath and weight.

[caption id="attachment_398" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="sexy mama"]sexy mama[/caption]

We love HANDMADE!  This cutesy cowl-neck sweater(ish) dress was handmade by my great friend Jen and given to me for Christmas 2007.  I have loved and used it ever since.  The sweet little expandable oldy goldy skin 'n' bones belt was snatched up at a ridiculously awesome RV-type estate sale (I know, such a perfect oxymoron) for 50 cents.  Can I just say:  Boo.  YAH.   I seriously wear that accessory belt with so many different outfits.  It spices them ALL up and makes me feel sleek and sexy.  Awesome jeans were made in LA by Freedom of Choice and purchased at a local store that I keep raving about, Pin Me Apparel.

[caption id="attachment_399" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="boots boots boots"]boots boots boots[/caption] Two words:  frye. boots.  I've told you before--I LIVE in these boots.  They're so comfortable.  They're so rough.  They're so classic and feminine (by not being feminine at all).  I love them.  They were made in the USA and purchased at an awesome local store, Johnny Sole,  to boot.

[caption id="attachment_400" align="aligncenter" width="448" caption="most important ingredient: mama's scarf"]most important ingredient: mama's scarf[/caption]

Over the holidays I ran into an old friend, one that used to soothe me on dark days and amplify the bright ones:  mom's old scarf drawer.  I am seriously addicted to mom's old scarves.  And I have been, ever since I was old enough to appreciate true style.  My mom's got it.  I LOVE it.  Wearing her old scarves is much much more than pure style.  It's familial, it's like holding an old baby blanket and still sucking my thumb, it's looking through favorite books on a solo day, eating my favorite meal, smiles, admiration, a deep deep love and more than that, they smell like her---like home.

And so, on these days, I make sure home goes with me wherever I go.

***Song of the Moment: Sweet Heart Fever, by Scout Niblett***

4 thoughts on Outfit of the Day: a mother's little reflection.

Ann Again:

I saw your ad on the Beautiful! Fabulous! website. I’m also in Portland. I need to go check out your beautiful jewelry at Presents of Mind :->

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM


I also have a few articles in my drawers that make me feel this way. One of my fav. things to do when I was little was stare into my mother’s jewelry box, try on her rings and pins—it helped me to imagine, and helped shape who I am. I love that little gold belt! What a great staple accessory!

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

Outfit of the Day: Orange Betsius « Betsy & Iya Jewelry:

[…] dots pushing through.  On top of that I wore my mother’s scarf as mentioned in a previous OOTD, which complemented the brown frye boots (yes, I’m obsessed) and the orange in the dress.  I […]

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM


It IS true love and it wraps you in beautiful safety! YOU are the one true original with style. YOUr creative masterpieces and blogs are what is stirring up the fashion world and that most important thing…inner beauty and love! It is always about true love!
I admire and adore you! My favorite as usual… 1 Cor. 13 (all) faith, hope, love and the greatest is love.
YOU look gorgeous in all of your outfits of the day! :)

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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