Anti Outfit of the Day: Douglas Fir.

The other day THIS outfit accompanied me to the gym:best workout look EVER best workout look EVER


WHAT!?! Possibly the worst color combination for an outfit---ever.  Deep rich brown (um, swimming trunks, no less) matched with an old bright green comfy collar shirt from Levi's (and a perfect little stain on the back):  good for trees, bad for bodies.

workout king workout king


After I wiped the tears from my eyes, I was actually extremely proud of this outfit.

We often get a kick out of the RIDICULOUS choices people make when searching their wardrobes for the perfect thing to wear to the gym.  (seriously, reread the last part of the last sentence.  I truly believe it should never even happen.)

If the above two meet at the gym, GREAT!  But really, who wants to pick someone up at the gym???  Especially if they look like one of the two above pics?  Sweaty, possibly stinky, out of breath, red-faced, tennis shoes, all on machines and/or doing stupid movements with heavy things...ask yourself---is that the best way to get to know someone? Also, is that the best way to spend your good outfit money?

yeah, that's what I thought.

I'll take my sweaty tree over these "sexy" workout oufitters any day.

***Song of the Moment: Physical, by Olivia Newton John***

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