Outfit of the Day: Alyssa's Flirty Florals.

Alyssa wins first place for best "come hither" look at betsy & iya (and maybe in all of Portland).betsy and iya_Alyssa ootd skirt2 Anyone else feel like they're being hypnotized by these eyes?


And while she's able to harness a gaze of sultry seduction that might leave you weak in the knees, she balances her sexiness with a delightfully sweet and charming outfit. If she didn't have this balance then all the men out there would drop their jaws like a classic Looney Tunes cartoon. betsy and iya_Alyssa ootd skirt4 betsy and iya_Alyssa ootd skirt Cutest. Skirt. Ever. Alyssa got this little number from one of her favorite Portland shops, Wanderlust Vintage. This is the kind of skirt every girl needs. It's modest, fun, flirty, and flowery. You can't live your life without a floral skirt in your closet ready for any occasion at a moments notice, amiright? betsy and iya_Alyssa ootd skirt5 betsy and iya_Alyssa ootd skirt1


Skirt from Wanderlust

Shoes from Ether

Wood bangle by Voz (available at our bright & mortar shop!)

Peach Trees necklace by betsy & iya

  Get out & smell the roses with a sassy outfit and fierce smile (and maybe a wink or two). Flirtyhugs, Barrie ***Song of the moment: These Eyes by The Guess Who***
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