A Visit to Brooklyn, NY.

I recently took a trip to New York with the family and let me just say, "Whoa." It really is just like the movies: the tall sky scrapers, the dirty water hot dogs, the taxis, the museums, the people, the pizza. Oh. Muh. Gaw. But my favorite part? Brooklyn. I had heard talk about the parallels between Brooklyn & Portland and I got to experience it first hand! In Brooklyn, the food is small scale and artisanal, the people are more relaxed, and there are way more dogs than there are in Manhattan (my heart sang with every shop dog I found). But my most favorite part was being able to visit the shops that carry betsy & iya. My first stop: MiniMiniMarket This shop in Williamsburg is fun and trendy with tons of fashion forward clothing & accessories along with some must-have basics. Mini MiniMarket storefront betsy and iya_brooklyn shops betsy and iya_brooklyn shops2 Next stop: Eco Closet   Shop owner, Lisa Joseph, has created a fresh and relaxed environment for the eco-conscious consumer.  All the lines she carries are either "sustainable, recycled, upcycled, organic, or fair-trade," and we're so proud to be a part of such a conscious effort. Eco Closet store front betsy and iya_brooklyn shops4 betsy and iya_brooklyn shops3Eco Closet_Jimmy

Can't forget about Jimmy the adorable shop dog!


Last but not least: Milly & Earl   This shop is one of the top contenders for coolest Brooklyn retailers. Bernadette Libonate, the owner, has built a seriously rad boutique with accessories and home goods sourced from independent artists & designers from around the globe. There's an effortless feeling of an industrial atmosphere mixed with whimsical charm, not to mention the full blown cuteness emanating from the one and only #millythedog.

Milly & Earl store front

betsy and iya_brooklyn shops5

betsy and iya_brooklyn shops6

They even carry some of our dearest friends' work, Nell & Mary and Son of a Sailor. Milly & Earl_Milly the dog One of the SWEETEST pups ever!


Needless to say, I've fallen in love. For the short amount of time I was able to spend in Brooklyn I was captivated by its charm & personality. It's easy-going while still having the rough & tough edge that is New York. It was so amazing to see the boutiques that carry our work, each with their own distinct personalities empowered by the people who work there. If you find yourself in Williamsburg take some time to check out these shops, say hello to the owners, and pet the pups. #takemebacktobrooklyn Brooklynlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Straight Up and Down by The Brian Jonestown Massacre***

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