Christmas in October, courtesy of Grimm.

One remarkably sunny Saturday in October, I noticed something out of place as I walked to work. Seemingly out of nowhere, a festive banner appeared across the street from our shop that made me stop in my tracks. I probably would've had a different reaction if the sign said something about a fall parade or encouraging the neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat, but instead, it said this... cornerview Say whaaaat?! I hear plenty of people bemoan the early onset of holiday decor this time of year and suddenly, I counted myself among them. I even pulled out my phone to double check the date (hey, it was early.. ) and when I confirmed that it was just barely October, my memory caught up with me. Earlier in the week, producers from the NBC TV show Grimm came into the shop to inform us that our darling little block would be transformed into a December set for filming. That's right, the banner, holiday window displays, and fragrant Christmas tree stand were all for the Grimm set. Well in that case, good bye caring about premature decorating and hellloooo, Hollywood!!! filming Parking signs: still not glamorous.

Despite being one of "those people" without a TV, I know about Grimm and how it – along with Portlandia – has helped put Portland scenery on screens well outside of our Pacific Northwest bubble. It seems like all Portland residents have a "Grimm filming nearby" story or friends who've appeared as extras. We were jazzed to welcome Grimm to our 'hood as they have been awesome supporters of betsy & iya, featuring our Talus necklace in an episode last year, and providing a fun energy boost wherever they turn up around town. And even if it was a few weeks early, a little holiday cheer never hurt anyone. presents Bluebird Bakers, you guys must have been realllly good this year.

security Security guards gotta catch up on Facebook, too ya know.

Christmastrees Real ones! Ah, the smell of fresh pine.

santawindow Much like Santa Clause, this display is make-believe. (sorry kids)

With our constant activity and blend of dynamic personalities, we often joke that the adventures of the betsy & iya team would make a fab TV show. The emotional ups & downs! The trials & tribulations! The costume changes! Right?! Until this pitch gets picked up, we'll settle for proximity to television greatness. Look for a peek of our brick & mortar shop in an episode sometime in December. xo Anna

***Song of the Moment: Applause by Lady Gaga***

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