Outfit of the Day: Anna's First OOTD.

Yeah girl. Anna is definitely rockin' her first #ootd with some sweet duds & accessories. betsy and iya_Anna ootd pic1 What? Talk about adorable. Anna's laughter and enthusiasm are positively infectious! She prances around the shop with a smile on her face, a pep in her step, and bobby pins in her hair (at least 5 every day). To add to these precious attributes is her playful and sassy style.betsy and iya_Anna ootd pic2 Digging the hat.betsy and iya_Anna ootd pic stitch The little kitty in the upper left corner likes to hang out around the back of our building and today he decided to join the party!



Top Score from a clothing swap!

Dress, from H&M

Flats, Urban Outfitters

Bangles, Vintage, Mojave

Rings betsy & iya, Seaworthy, vintage

Necklace, Grandmother's engagement ring & locket on chain

So excited to be seeing more of this little cutie on the blog. She always comes in to the shop looking top notch donned with some twenty accessories, nail polish & phone cover included, so I'll be sure to take as many pictures as I can; her style must be seen! Sassykisses, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Down By the Seaside by Led Zeppelin***
Group 7