Outfit of the Day: Alyssa & Barrie are a Perfect Match.

It's true, Alyssa and I have our differences. For example, she wants a brussels griffin and I'd rather have a corgi, she has read all of the Lord of the Ring novels while I would rather spend my time watching cartoons, she likes Bettie Page and I like Audrey Hepburn. But underneath it all we do have quite a few similarities: we both love potatoes, we like most of the same music, we both enjoy spontaneous dance parties, and we have some of the same clothes! IMG_4651 2 I can't lie to all of you and say that this pants party was coincidence, it was planned. We discovered that we had the same shorts a few weeks ago and decided it was time to show them off together. IMG_4666 Another lovely trait that Alyssa & I share is our undeniably adorable quirkiness... However, when we come together the quirk can get a little weird.IMG_4655 2 How we ended up in this position of what could be the cover of the next bff comedy film of the year, I'm not sure. Blame Betsy.IMG_4664


Shorts by Gap



Wedges by Jeffery Campbell

Beam earrings by betsy & iya


Top & Sandals by Gap (omg... I'm wearing all Gap! I didn't even realize...)

Badlands necklace by betsy & iya

When Alyssa and I hang out together for too long it often turns into some sort of unorthodox dance party with awkward arm flailing, uncontrollable booty shakin', and salacious shimmying. Needless to say, we're the life of the party. Yes, it seems that even beyond all the differences we really are a perfect match.



***Song of the moment: Bad Girls by Donna Summers***

Group 7