A Big Sign for the Little Guys.

For those of you who don't know, getting a proper sign for a store front is not only a time consuming process, it's a very expensive one.sign arrival It has arrived!


With my first studio, I wasn't even sure I could afford an extra $10/mo to put a vinyl sticker on my door indicating that I was open for business. When we first opened 2403 NW Thurman, we didn't even broach the subject; we just stuck a bunch of fancy stickers to the glass. When we started reaching the part of the climb where signs seemed within reach, we were shocked to learn how much they actually cost. So once again, we buried the desire to see our name in lights and started saving our pennies in the "get a pretty sign" column of our budget spreadsheet. sign welding A quick welding session for the finishing touches.


1.5 years later we had saved enough to make it a reality. We started the process 5 months ago. At first I was so very excited and then everything else sort of butt in line and I forgot about it. So when we got the call that the sign guy was at our shop and ready to install, my heart started racing. The day had arrived. Attaching the sign The sign mounting process took all day. I had to stop myself from taking 15 minute breaks every 15 minutes just to see how far they'd come. Sign installation It was nearly dusk when they finally finally got the sucker bolted to the yellow brick; it was perfect. Flashes of the last 5 years, all the hard work, all the love, everything that built that sign--it moved me to tears. new sign Simple & Stunning


We're all grown up now. We have arrived. Love and flashing lights ~ bets ***Song of the Moment: Super Rich Kids, by Frank Ocean***

Group 7