Item of the Week: Feather Multi Chain Earrings.

The weather here in Portland has been pretty perfect lately and all it's making me want to do is spend time outside. These warm, adventurous, sunny summer days bring one pair of earrings to mind for this installment of item of the week: the Feather Multi Chain earrings.

Feather Multi Chain earrings

There is something so wonderfully playful about these earrings. Every time I see someone try them on in the shop their face lights up. They dangle, sway, and catch the light that matches up perfectly with any smile (say "cheese!"). The girl wearing these is easy-going, carefree and probably loves spontaneous road trips to the beach. She's a spirit that lets the wind guide what direction she'll head in next. When she travels to new cities, both domestic and international, she might find herself in sticky situations--but always uses her charming ways of persuasion to get out of it. Wherever she goes she always keeps a piece of her journeys with her.

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Earrings with this much energy deserve an ensemble with just as much vibrance. That includes a bathing suit! Oh yeah, these babies are heading to the beach. Throw a seriously killer mexican style dress over that, add some shades, bangles & platforms and you're ready for wherever the wind takes you.

Feather multi chain earrings_style board


Mexican Tassel Embroidery dress from Yo Vintage!

Black Floral Hear Two-Piece suit by Minnow Bathers from Summerland

Lively T-Bar platforms from Topshop

Rewind sunglasses by Michael Stars from Shop Adorn

Neon Alpine Print tote by Appetite

Leather bangles by betsy & iya

Feather Multi Chain earrings by betsy & iya

  Now I'm thinking I need to find a friend with a car and head west to Cannon Beach. Anyone want to join? Carefreekisses, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Sun Medallion by King Tuff***
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