Inspired by: The Selby.

Have you heard of this indulgent phenomenon? The Selby is a blog created by Todd Selby, "a portrait, interiors, journalist and fashion photographer and illustrator." He is a visionary to say the least. He takes photographs of eclectic, minimal, outstanding, warm, colorful, chic, terrestrial, unbelievable homes. These homes belong to people with lifestyles most of us envy: designers, models, bakers, store owners, chefs, and artists from all over the world. The Selby opens up your eyes to new possibilities allowing you to think beyond your limits. You gain hope that you might some day soon travel to those exotic countries and cities you've been dying to visit and bring back the perfect souvenir to place on your shelves, walls, and coffee tables. Maybe it's an alpaca blanket from Peru that you can throw on your couch, a wine barrel that you turned into a side table shipped back from the time you spent on the vineyards of France. Maybe it's the hundreds of bangles you collected in India placed on your dresser next to the hand-carved jewelry box you found in Bali. What's inspiring about The Selby is that it's up to us as the inhabitants to allow our homes to grow and create a personality that not only reflects who we are, but can inspire others to do strive for more. Do you thing that the people who own these homes just sit around all day and watch Youtube videos (like this one)? No, they take life by the horns, work hard, take chances, ad fear nothing! And the results of their passionate labor shows in their homes that have now developed their own soul and energy. If I can distract you for five more minutes I urge you to please visit this site and see all of the amazing dwellings The Selby has to offer, the few photos that I showed are the tiniest tip of the iceberg. Thank you, Todd. You've opened my eyes.   Selbylove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: On The Way Home by Buffalo Springfield***    
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