OOTD: I Believe. Do you?

It's been waaaaay too long since our OOTD series has been blessed with a Matty appearance. For this, I apologize, and am here to hopefully make up for lost time by highlighting him in an eye popping ensemble that only he can pull off. When thought of separately, the elements of this outfit - mythical creature t-shirt, paisley print, sporty shoes, man bun - don't necessarily scream "YOU LOOK GREAT," but put together, on this bod, they work. Even more impressive than - dare I say it - an actual unicorn sighting!

OOTD Portland, OR

OOTD Portland, OR


Paisley shirt by H&M

Unicorn T-shirt from Powell's

Jeans by Naked & Famous

Jacket from Nordstrom

Shoes by Keen

Jewelry vintage or he made himself (talented man!)

I hope this OOTD encourages you to take some risks next time you get dressed. I can't promise you'll look as good as Matty, because look at him, but at least you won't look boring (which is the worst thing in fashion, IMHO).



***Song of the Moment: As Long as You Love Me by Justin Bieber***


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