Small, but Mighty.

There are many details in life that are integral to functioning in various situations, but rarely get their moment to shine. I'm talking about things like shoe laces, seatbelt buckles, and those smartphone friendly fingertips on gloves. The jewelry world is no different; imagine wearing a pair of studs without earring backs (they wouldn't stay on you for very long!). This Maker Monday video highlights one such detail: necklace clasps. I love giving this important part of many betsy & iya necklaces its moment in the sun. These hardworking little guys make it possible to wear pieces like our Humboldt Moon necklace, Divisionary necklace, & Talus necklace, without having them fall off, sometimes never to be seen again (the worst!!!). Take a look a Barrie whipping out a few of our clasps in this video: [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]

She begins by bending the sterling silver wire, then uses the torch to fire the end. Fried from the flame, the clasps take a bath in the pickle - special care given to the stirring - and come out shiny & clean. Then, they’re put through the rolling mill, tumbled, & hammered. Once finished, they affix to one end of a necklace & meet the clasp on the other end!

Further proof that every little detail of a betsy & iya piece is made with love. Next time you lace up your shoes, buckle up in a car, or put on a necklace, give a special shoutout to the things that make life a lot easier and safer.



***Song of the Moment: Little Things by Bush***

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