How to make a holiday card, betsy & iya style.

The making of our betsy & iya holiday card photo, a visual diary.

A human pyramid doesn't just happen, ya know? Serious planning, core strength, and good ol' fashioned luck went into our execution of this ambitious setup for our holiday card. And if I do say so myself, we nailed it. Shoutout to Rachelle Hacmac for taking our photo this year!

Father Christmas, is that you?

Pretty proud of my side eye here. I admit, I was skeptical we could pull this off, but as usual, my team supreme!

That base row?? Y'all are beasts!!!! Please note the faces in the progression of the pyramid; they're gold!

betsy & iya holiday card 2014 The final product! Thank goodness for photoshop.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS, dear blog readers, customers, friends, & family members.

xo Anna

***Song of the Moment: Really Love by D'Angelo***

Group 7