OOTD: As Easy as 1,2,3!

Barrie once referred to her outfit as "90's-Kindergarten-Teacher chic," and from then on I have seen a pattern. Well today I have photographic proof that she may, in fact, just be destined to become a teacher. Both Barrie's betsy & iya Addition Mission earrings AND her lovely black dress donned a plus sign motif! Can't you just imagine her teaching younglings how to add & subtract? There is no doubt about the adorableness that would ensue. Well even if she doesn't become a  teacher, she will forever be teaching us her mad style skills! Check out Barrie's mad lib situation below! Featured Accessories: -betsy & iya Addition Mission earrings -betsy & iya Redundant Chevron ring Happy Monday! I'll leave you with a simple equation: You+betsy & iya= LOVIES!!!!! It's basic math! Lovies to y'all, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Me & Mr. Jones by Amy Winehouse***
Group 7