Cards Cards Cards Cards Cards Cards CARDS!

Do you have an occasion to go to? A birthday party? Wedding? Need to thank someone? Just wanna say hi to an old friend? Need to find the perfect card? Look no further! Here at the b&i brick and mortar shop we are going CARD CRAZY! So check this out. We used to be this:

A simple card stand.....And suddenly, over night, the magical card fairy (probably the one that lives in our terrariums) sprinkled her sparkly paper dust on the card stand and BOOM!


IT'S GROWN!!!YOWZA! Card crazy, people. They're practically coming out of our ears. And the card stand isn't even the best part; it's the cards themselves, obviously. We find the coolest card/letter press makers. Some from Chicago, Monterey, Pittsburgh, New York, and of course many, many, many from good old PDX (and a bunch more!!!). Here are some of my favs at the moment: I mean, come on. That's amazing.


the inside says, "It's me!" How cute!!!!


Which one is not like the others? :)I love how a little piece of paper can make your whole day. And lucky for me if I'm ever feeling down I've got hundreds of these to look at. Wish it could be my b-day every day just so all my friends could send me these funny cards... hint. Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that what I've shown you here is just the tip of the iceberg. There's more! Come by and say hello and we can chat about how great these pieces of art are. Laughter will also ensue. Stock up and impress all your friends and family with how awesome you are at card giving. (You know what I'm talking about, right? You have some friends who give the coolest cards, and then you have others where you secretly think, ".....I feel like you could have done better in the card-picking department." ) And with the holidays creeping up (yikes!) we'll be getting more and more and more and more. Excited! 'Til next time, Chan. Out. ***Song of the moment: Ho Hey by The Lumineers***

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