Item of the Week: Jagged Plateau Ring

There's something empowering when you wear a big chunky ring on your finger. When people notice a nifty design on your hand they think, "Man, this girl's got spunk. She's got swag. She probably has a really cool job and likes to go sky diving!!!!" That's what I think anyway. I also think, "I would not want to get punched with that hand..." Especially with this little puppy:

I love this ring. I decided to make it item of the week because it is something I would never expect to see on a finger, but sometimes the unexpected can be such a pleasant/FIERCE surprise.

When I see it I think of grand, symmetric architecture and monumental, inspiring nature. You dig?

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If I were to wear this ring out I can't help but picture it paired with all blacks and grays; everything making a statement piece on its own, and together creates one ultra awesome super outfit of, "Holy cow. What. A. Babe!"

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-Jagged Plateau Ring by betsy & iya

Do you see it? Do you see the amazingness?! Now, if you find yourself thinking that this ring might be too much (which it's not) and you don't normally like to wear big rings, try it! Take a risk. Be bold! Where better to start than on your tiny little finger? Think about it.

See y'all tomorrow!



***Song of the moment: Cult Logic by Miike Snow***

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