Daphne's Seasonal Shift

Sweet, sweet Daphne. How do you do it?  How do you find the perfect outfit for those awkward weather days that no one knows how to dress for?! Genius; this girl over here! Observe: She takes perfect summer pieces like the Jessalin Beutler dress and Uzi tank, layers them with a super comfy long-sleeve Market top and scarf and BOOM, perfect summer-to-fall outfit.

Omg...even she can't get enough of herself!

For those of you living in Portland right now you know exactly what's going on with the weather. Is it going to rain? Is it not? It's sunny out, but the Weather Man said it was 80% precipitation... How am I supposed to know what to wear!? I saw a rainbow the other day with clouds surrounding it... You're freakin' me out, Portland. At least Daphne's keeping her cool.

How cool is that back? I swear this Uzi top is endless.

The simplicity of the Salt Plain necklaces is making this outfit.If Daphne had legs she'd be wearing tights--any color will do: black, blue, pink, teal, red, mustard. Then, pair with a comfy jacket, knee-high boots and this bag:

Pendleton Appetite cross-body bag. Yes.

What she's wearing: Top: Moon Tank by Uzi
Layering Tee and Infinity Scarf: Market
Dress: Chevron Dress by Jessalin Beutler
Bag: Pendleton Nina Flap bag by Appetite
Necklace: Salt Plain by betsy & iya

If Daphne had a head and arms:The Desert Varnish earrings will add a real edge to the look (and I love that they look like they're floating).


The St. John's will look SO cute with this outfit."]


Layering the Small Colonel necklace will add the finishing touches.This weather is putting me in a tizzy, but I'm glad I have Daph to set me straight. Hooray for the awkward summer/fall weather! Lurvyouall, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Wild Wild Life by The Talking Heads***


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