It's BACK!

THE HOTNESS IS TOO OVERWHELMING!!!Thank you, Alyssa! You brought back the hotness of HOT FRIDAYS that we all love and need. Now, granted, we all look hot  most of the time, but when we all get together and celebrate said hotness a cosmic energy flows through the shop and we all fall victim to a real fever (if you get my HOT drift). Symptoms include extra smiles, double-takes when walking by mirrors followed by a little smirk and a wink, compliments thrown back and forth, waves of giddiness, spontaneous dancing (Alyssa), and just feeling HOT. Of course I had to capture everyone's hotness. Check it out:

This is the first sight of hotness I saw when I walked into work. Mother, may I?

Alyssa in all her HOT glory doing her victory dance.

Kelly and Am also boarded the HOT train.

Hot boots, hot tights, hot skirts. Check, check, check.

Classic shoe pic. Guess who the outcast is.... This guy.

HOT. Always. End of question.

Now for the group shot.... The thing about too much hotness going on is that it can sometimes cause too much energy; so much that no one is able to pay attention to the girl with the camera! Hello, hotties?! I'm over here!


Wait, where's Will?


Amory's getting antsy.

Oh hey, Will. Lookin' HOT!!


Finally.  If you feel like the temperature just spiked a little bit, you can guess why. I'm so lucky to work with these people. Not only for their amazing talents and never ending smarts and wit, but also for their hotness. Need I say more? The proof is in the pudding. Hotness to all, my friends! HOT love, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Venus by Shocking Blues***

Group 7