Item of the Week: Conata Hoop Earrings.

For some awesome reason, this week's item has always held a special place in my heart.. the badass part!!! The first word that always comes to mind with the Conata Hoops is FIERCE!


Whenever I wear these puppies I feel like I've got the strength and confidence to knock someone out!!! Not in a scary/violent way... more like Bam! Ka-pow! Don't mess with me!! I'm on fire! 

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To accompany these earrings you've got to go strong, bold, and edgy; they're too cool to be worn with a simple T-shirt and jeans. The Conatas are all about confidence, power and going with the flow. I'd imagine the girl who wears these loves adventure and isn't afraid to break the rules every once in a while. The outfit below is my quintessential ensemble to show off these hoops. Keep in mind that the scarf I chose in the collage below should be worn as a hair turban with a high bun so everyone can see those spiky earrings.

CONATA HOOPS_style board


Perforated Hole Sweater at Backtalk PDX

Audrey Shorts by Bridge & Burn at Victory

Sketchy Organic Cotton Tote by FluffyCo (soon to be back at the betsy & iya brick & mortar shop!)

Circleline Sunglasses by Oak at Machus

Pink Cotton Scarf at Alder & Co.

Flat Sandal at Solestruck

Definition ring by betsy & iya

Brooklyn Bridge cuff by betsy & iya

Conata Hoop earrings by betsy & iya

Enjoy the sun, everyone! Now, go on witchya bad self!



***Song of the moment: Tunnel Vision by Justin Timberlake***

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