Music Moment: El Guincho's Pop Negro.

In the age of Youtube, my friends and I spend a healthy amount of time exchanging videos: from the most ridiculous viral ones, the cuddliest goldendoodle ones, to the most thought-provoking, artistic videos we can get our hands on. The video that has most recently piqued my interest is from an artist named El Guincho, called Bombay (NSFW) from his album Pop Negro. The video is by far the most fantastical, bizarre mix of oddities that five minutes can hold & definitely worth a view if you enjoy being slightly bewildered, yet intrigued. The album is no different, inspired by Pablo Díaz-Reixa's (El Guincho's real name) love for the hits of the '70's, '80's , and '90s; the songs mix a cacophony of African instruments, hi-fi aesthetics, El Guincho's dreamy Spanish musings, and just the right amount of off-beat pop to keep you wanting more. It has the familiarity of popular music's past with just the right amount of unconventional. No doubt about it, this album is Summa-time music, a very fitting pick for this lovely June. Check out the album here ,check out my inspiration board below, and more inspiration to follow on our Pinterest page! As your resident DJ, I'd recommend blasting these tunes after you and your girls have ditched your local haunt as a result of a major-mojito-overdose and have decided to take it back to your place (or your friend's place if you're a neat freak like me)! I could also see this album lending well to a road trip quest to find the perfect watering hole. Whilst in the car, have the windows down, sunnies on, and sing at the top of your lungs for each passerby to hear. The feel of this album is "reckless abandon", so act accordingly! As far as my favorites on this album, I'd advise having Bombay (obvi), FM Tan Sexy, & Ghetto Facil on repeat. And if you don't speak Spanish, don't fret! I've found that listening to tunes from other realms that you don't quite comprehend can lead to losing yourself in the moment as opposed to memorizing every word. WARNING: this may cause a bit of wanderlust. :) Con mucho cariño, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Bonito by Jarabe De Palo***
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