Shops We Love: Bohemian.

It was love at first sight. On Will and Betsy's grand Southern road trip, about one year ago, W+B met the gals of Bohemian boutique & their lovely space in Columbia, SC.  From what Betsy tells me, they knew right away that they were meant to be together: Bohemian's carefree, flirty style sensibility matched with betsy & iya's edgy, feminine golden jewelry. And as all fairytales go, we have been happily supplying them with b&i jewelry for their store ever since.
Maxi skirts, flowy tops, and flower crowns for days... work it, ladies!
Well, with their online shop opening recently, we at betsy & iya wanted to show them some love and share with y'all the beautiful wares and sweet demeanor of Bohemian! Here is a little interview with their go-to gal, Denise. Am I a magical matchmaker, that is about to introduce you to your new favorite online shop? I'll let you be the judge of that... How did your shop come to be? D: Our shop has been around for over 35 years, but we have been sort of revamped for about 3 1/2 years now. Over the years it's been a number of store types with a huge range of items. Now we are primarily contemporary clothing and handmade accessories and jewelry, when possible. Describe the quintessential "Bohemian" lady: D: She is smart and playful, has fun with friends or by herself with her pet. She loves current trends, fashion mags and blogs, but plays it a little safe before she buys into a fad. She wants to play with new and old clothes to make her own look. What are your favorite trends right now? D: I am loving black and white!!! Stripes and bold patterns are always a must. And wide leg pants and high waisted cut offs are everything. Always love crop tops. Favorite music to listen to in shop: D: We love girl music. Whether it's The blow, Ellie Goulding or Beyonce, we always try to keep it upbeat. What was the inspiration for your latest lookbook? D: Our latest lookbook is all about the introduction to spring, pastel colors, florals, and feminine styles. We really wanted to convey a playful, carefree mood. The flower crowns were just the icing on the cake. (Here are a few photos from the lookbook! So lovely & free-spirited. Who wouldn't want to be a Bohemian girl?!) bohemian shop betsy & iya bohemian betsy & iya bohemian betsy & iya betsy & iya bohemian bohemian betsy & iya How do you go about picking the lines you carry? D: I always want a unique mix of lines. Not all of our lines are going to be unseen in larger national chains, but we want our mix to be different. I always want something with funky influences but girly, wearable silhouettes. What is trending right now in Columbia, SC? D: It's getting hot, so we are all about cut off shorts, sandals or ankle boots, and sunglasses. There's a lot of fit and flare, flirty dresses and a lot of lace and crochet. Aw, aren't they the sweetest?! Thank you for introducing us to your shop, Denise! Check out my personal favorite picks below with links to shop them, included. Oh, and don't fret -- I wouldn't be upset if we both get the Dolce Vita Huarache Flats ;) KELLY_FASHION_PICKS_BETSY_AND_IYA_JEWELRY_PORTLAND_OR
OUTFIT PICKS (from left to right)
Well, after seeing all that you most definitely have our permission to shop the day away at their online store! Or better yet, if you happen to stop by Columbia,  go and say hello to these lovely ladies & give them a few hugs from us!
Stay tuned on the blog to see more shops across the U.S. that we absolutely adore in the near future.
***Song of the Moment: Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding***
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