I really like my outfit today.

This one's gotta be a quickie. (uh...remember those orders I talked about yesterday (insert: HUGE SIGH), I still haven't sent them out, so you know what today is about). But I couldn't let today's post opp slip by without a shoutout to today's rockin' fashion spin.  Sometimes, especially when I'm not feeling in top form---I gotta fake it.  And sometimes when you fake it.   You must fake it HARD and LOUD. Check me out:

fashion for healthfashion for health

I think I'm doing mirror-face in this photo---love that.  New fancy jeans from Pin Me Apparel on the fabulous Mississippi Ave where you can also find my awesome jewelry at one of my favorites, Phlox boutique.  And below those jeans you'll find the old trusty dusty standbys, my dark brown Frye Boots.   I live in these boots. Do you love the blue disc earrings you see in the photo?  They're pretty spectacular, I know.  They come in 5 different colors and I can tell you EXACTLY where to find them:  betsy's online shop. (I'm also happy to report that even beyond my handmade earrings made in the very shop you see behind me in the photo--everything you see on me is also made by the little people in the good ol' USA). Most important thing of the day:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SISSY! I LOVE YOU! ***Song of the Moment: Happy Birthday, by Sufjan Stevens***

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