I've been working so incessantly lately that the above word has lost its exciting societal meaning. Not to disappoint all of you who are actually celebrating the word right now...on the east side and middle of the country, hopefully you're soaking up a nice happy hour, on the west, you're solidifying your happy hour plans (esp. in Portland because if you don't already know, we have the most unbelievably awesome happy hours here that sometimes last well into the evenings). And I am genuinely happy for you. Me? Well, I'm trying to stop thinking about those happy hours and finish up my orders for the week, including one for my newer client in DC!  When I visited my fam over the holidays, I was able to pick up two more awesome boutiques to sell my wares!  Apparently the inauguration promises to bring many many visitors to our Nation's Capitol, which helps the sweet little indie boutiques---which helps me!   Go Sugar and Betsy Fisher!  If you're in the area, go see these awesome stores and tell them I sent you!!!  It's a perfectly round snowball.  And I'm throwing it right at you. I'm doing an awesome project with Wendy Hickok, decorating the Georgetown University's Foot and Ankle Center.  This is a picture I'm hoping to mount in either the lobby area or conference room.  It was taken very early in the morning before I left on the 31st.  :

National Monument from Jefferson's eyes.National Monument from Jefferson's eyes.


Yesterday I sold a new necklace I made for the Old Turns New line.  I didn't even have a chance to take a photo and list it in my online shop before someone came into my physical shop and snatched it right up!  That's how great it is.  You might recognize the focal piece.  I found a load of these at the rebuilding center in Portland.  They are old shower curtain holders.  I did some metal/wire work around them.  I've been told it looks like a light bulb.  I like that.  Also, I took some sterling silver snake chain, oxidized it, sized it and added it with this vintage antiqued silver chain---to make a double chain, vintage, shower curtain, knock-out necklace. 


Shower Curtain NecklaceShower Curtain Necklace


Okay, I gotta get crackin' on the rest of these orders or my etsy friends are gonna be hatin' on me! As for my exciting Friday, I WILL be free (at least for 2 hours) when I bask in aural awesomeness here: Kotogoto's show at 100th Monkey gallery starting at 6:30!  If you're in Portland and need something AWESOME to do, come out come out come out!  As for the rest of my evening...well...I have to open my shop at noon tomorrow and probably need to be here earlier to finish orders---so it might be an early night for me.  Oh well, I continue to love what I do, so at least there's that. Happy Friday!!! ***Song of the Moment: Conan and the Woodpecker from Mars, by (of course) KotoGOTO***

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