How to Layer Necklaces.

It's one of the most frequent jewelry styling questions we get: how do you layer necklaces without looking like you carelessly put on every piece of jewelry you own? If you've been to our shop, you might have noticed that the majority of the necklaces displayed in our windows and throughout the shop are already layered to give suggestions on wearing. Our retail team does a great job of mixing betsy & iya jewelry with other designers' work, as well as showing designer-on-designer love, like with these sulu-design necklaces seen layered hanging in our front window. ways to layer necklaces We're here to share examples on how to layer necklaces, all available in our shop and online, and always willing to give advice! ways to layer necklaces Short + Short: Alyssa wears the 20" betsy & iya Time Oasis necklace, paired with the 18" Eclipse necklace by Upper Metal Class. The bronze circle of the Eclipse necklace draws your eye, then the "v" shape of the Time Oasis takes them right down to the super flattering cut of her shirt. how to layer long necklaces Long + long: This combo surprised me; I never would've thought to put our Jalisco and Sirroco necklaces together when Barrie strolled in wearing them one day. The magic of layering! Opening our eyes to new possibilities. These necklaces are extremely unique in their own right, and when worn together, create a certain mystique. I shared this photo on our Instagram and a follower commented "is that one necklace?" No, dear follower, but I think that's a testament to how natural they look when paired. hello-gotland4 Statement: When there's a bold, scene stealing statement necklace like the Gotland involved, we love it paired with shorter, more delicate necklaces. Above left: our Talus necklace and Helio necklace let the Gotland shine, but still hold their own since they're placed a considerable distance from the bronze focal. Side note to the right: layering necklaces doesn't mean you have to hold back layering other jewelry. We love the look of a stacked wrist right along with a few necklaces. I recently saw the documentary Iris about legendary accessory queen Iris Arpfel, and it reinvigorated my passion for all things multiple when it comes to jewelry. Hopefully, these tips will inspire the same "pile it on, but tastefully" mentality for you! Now it's time for your homework: try layering pieces from our line &/or shop and let us see you in action by tagging @betsyandiya in your social media posts! Happy layering, Anna  
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