Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon 2015!

Well, here's some cool news: betsy & iya can now claim the distinction of being one of Portland Business Journal's "100 Fastest Growing Companies" in Oregon this year! Look, we got a trophy to prove it! Oregon's 100 fastest growing companies 2015 Betsy, Will, and myself attended the event honoring these 100 companies and it was truly a spectacle. A room inside the Hilton in downtown Portland was transformed into a Western-themed activity zone, with a mechanical bull, dueling station, and giant horseshoe toss. We commend the planning committee for really going all out with the theme, and shout out to the bosses for their super cute matching plaid, seen above. Inside the event space: totally on theme, from the visuals for the event to putting the emcee in a bolo tie and cowboy hat. Yeeehaw! PBJ 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Oregon 2015 The moment we realized our ranking! The list of 100 companies is made public prior, but no one knows their exact place until the event. betsy & iya is #64 on the list for 2015, with 96% growth over a 2 year period. WOW. When we were called out, it was a surreal moment; I see us growing, I know we're growing, but to hear it announced in a room full of successful business people was really cool. Betsy and Will noted that at the events we're used to attending (retail industry functions/parties), we know several people in the room and they're familiar with us, too. But at this event, it was an entirely new set of people, and that was a welcome change. I hope accolades like this continue to expand our reach in our own community and beyond. I'm super proud of the whole b&i team for all of our contributions to making this list. -Anna  
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