Annealing is Magic.

As a jewelry maker, you see it all. From the supplies needed to make a piece laid out on your workbench, to the tools needed to bring them together, each step of the process is an up close and personal show. I passed Taylor recently annealing a tray of brass pieces that will eventually be formed into our Scania cuffs, and we both noted how cool it is to watch the effect of heat on metal. I snapped a few photos of him annealing the pieces - a process when metal is heated and allowed to cool slowly, making it more workable - but it just wasn't translating. Enter, video!

It's been a few months since we shared a maker video, and this moment felt right to capture "live." Watch what happens when the torch hits the metal and heats it for several seconds. I just love watching the colors appear and change! Hope you enjoy this peek into the process. -Anna

Group 7