OOTD: One Size Fits All of our Makers.

One style of shirt that looks amazing on several women: some might call this an item of fashion folklore, something they've heard about, dreamt about, but never actually seen. I'm here to show you that this shirt not only exists, but is currently for sale on our racks. #DreamsDoComeTrue loose fitting tunic top

Tienda Ho Jodi top, $134, seen L to R: Silver, Petrol, Coffee, and White. Seen with our Catenary Ring necklace and Cielo necklace.

It has functional details (like two front pockets) and sexy details (keyhole that shows just the right amount of shoulder). It comes in five colors (not shown: Ink, olive greenish). It's a super soft blend of cotton and rayon. It. Is. Perfect. Not only does it flatter Betsy, Gabriella, Alyssa, and Barrie, but it works with each woman's respective personal style. Alyssa pairs it with jeans and her signature heels. Barrie and Gabriella are each on a Birkenstock train to Styleville, showing how to make this top super causal by wearing it with black pants. And Betsy, forever taking it to the next level in all aspects of life, threw this top over purple hued patterned pants, worn with ankle boots. Because I was super jazzed to get these four all together for this picture, I can't help but take advantage of this moment to share some outtakes.

At least two of these people knew where the camera was.

When your two friends are fighting but you have to act like everything is cool for a picture...

Alright, thanks for indulging me. :-) Back to the matter at hand (or torso???): this top will be your new shirt best friend. If you have any questions or want to purchase this style, please call us at 503-227-5482, option 3. -Anna
Group 7