How to get what YOU want this holiday season.

Let's face it: gift giving is hard. No matter how well I know someone, I usually blank on what to get him/her when the holidays come around and often find myself standing dumbfounded in front of a rack of socks, unsure if the person looooves or haaaates wool. Fun factor= zero. Starting now, we are putting the fun back in gift giving, while also taking the guesswork out. Enter, the betsy & iya Wish List: you fill it out, and you'll get exactly what you want. betsy & iya wishlist Here's what you can do to start your path to wish fulfillment: 1.Download & print your wishlist here:  betsy & iya Wish List, or pick one up at our shop 2. Stop by our brick & mortar any day, 10am- 6pm and fill up those lines! 3. Pause to enjoy totally guilt-free shopping. It's like you get to fill up a magic cart and let someone else pick up the tab. Seriously, it's so fun. 4. Give your completed Wish List to our retail staff before you leave. We'll give you a card to give to friends/family letting them know your Wish List is waiting at our shop. 5. Try and be patient <--- this part is kinda hard, but totally worth it :-) That's all! You can officially retire your tried and true (aka phony) "OMG I LOVE THIS" face while opening presents, and replace it with genuine joy. Your wish // their command. Happy wishing, -b&i    
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