Hot Fridays.

I arrived at work this past Friday and half expected to get asked to leave.  Fridays are the one day of the week when all six of us are in the shop all day.  This Friday, five of us had one thing in common and one of us, well... was not like the others. Five of us were *dressed.* And then there was me.  I'm pretty much a t-shirt and pants guy.  Pretty much year round.  I think I might have a max of eleven distinct outfit combinations on hand and clean at any one time.  My wife, the jewelry designer, "loves" this about me.  (har-har) But enough about me.  Let's take a closer look at the betsy & iya crew.  The oh-so-foxy crew. Hot Fridays by betsy & iya Top left clockwise to bottom left: Amory in Native Plate Drawer Pull necklace, Alyssa in Silver Wing Starlet earrings, Matthew in medium Goertzen adventure satchel (available in the betsy & iya shop), Lupe in Desert Varnish earrings. I mean, right!?!  They're all foxy.  I'm sure you'll understand why I just stayed in the office most of the day and pretended to be the I.T. guy. Fridays were dubbed Hot Fridays going forward, the day we all bring our A-game and have fun doing it.  Thanks, team.  You're making us all look better.  And I--for one--am very happy to take a little ride on your coattails... but who wears coattails anymore anyway? ***Song of the Moment: Three Sisters, by John Scofield***
Group 7