Outfit of the Day: hollywood in asheville.

Together, we skipped around the city  for the most awesome b&i appointments and then we were greeted with the sweetest of hotels.  It was a special birthday for my mom, so W booked us a special place to stay in Asheville, NC.  (He even bumped us up to a room with a view.)  When we walked into our temporary palace, we completely geeked out. Any genuine geek-out = a perfect opportunity for an OOTD.  This time, I dragged my favorite lady into it.  She noticed an area of the room with perfect lighting.  I sat down on the stump (yes, a tree stump) and the room turned into an old hollywood set.  We hopped around the room, pretending like we were little princesses in our own fairytale.  We had a blast.  And here is what I wore: Cardigan:  new Layers Squared (my FAVORITE new piece of clothing AND...coming soon to our brick & mortar!!!). Dress: (yes, a full dress underneath the skirt).  Old H&M. Skirt: Vintage from a second-hand shop in VA. Belt: Gift from an amazing employee. Boots: My wedding boots purchased at The Portland Outdoor Store. Jewelry: See below. New betsy & iya! Earrings: I basically haven't taken these hoops out since I made them-->>> The Badlands.  yummmmm. Necklace: This one I designed and created around the holidays, but haven't had a chance to list it online yet. It IS currently available in our brick & mortar and will soon be available online-->>> The Sandstorm necklace.  LOVE. Bracelet: Mom's from the 70s. Ring: Elysse Bunkers available at one of my favorite Portland haunts, Radish Underground. Dress up time!! I know it's already passed but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mama!  I had so much fun with you.  Thanks for being my captain on the latest b&i business road trip.  I love you. xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: I Must Be In a Good Place Now, by Vetiver***
Group 7