New Things in the Same Place.

As expressed many times before, I love Portland.  I feel like there are never-ending waves of awesome constantly flowing towards us here; and it's just a matter of time before we dip our toes into them, dive into them backwards, crash into them, or ride them back to shore. Cocotte.  I went here last weekend with my good friend, Teresa and was blown away.  I'm just dreaming about my next visit.

I am excited/nervous/elated/freaked-out to share that I'm seriously branching out with some new designs.  I'm challenging my skills and making things up.  The results are surprising me.  I cannot wait to show you these new things in real life.

One thing that Will and I have always connected on is our deep, intense, religious love of music.  We live in one of the best cities in the US for new, live music.  We decided that we must take more advantage of this.  Tomorrow night we'll see AU, Tu Fawning, and Parenthetical Girls at Doug Fir.  Good music with good friends---nothing really beats that. And we're hoping to catch our current obsession, Y La Bamba's in-store performance at Music Millennium.  Yep, I've listened to this album more than I care to admit over the last week.  It's just GORGEOUS.

If you follow us on Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook, you surely already know how I feel about this; we got in our first order of Voz (wooden bangles, pins, and rings)... and I am completely overwhelmed with joyous obsession.  I have a feeling this first order is going to FLY away from our shop.  You must see them for yourselves!

I really like new things.  I like a new book, a new weekend, new music, new designs, new work, and a new morning. I hope you have weekends full of newness.  Let me know if you find anything worth exploring, would ya? xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Idaho's Genuis, by Y La Bamba*** (just give it a couple listens from start to finish.  do it.  I wanna know what you think.)
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