Google is spying on us!

...if by spying, you can mean being invited into the shop to take pictures of everything because we're soooo popular! That's right, folks.  We were selected by Google to be included in this program!  Basically, it's the next step up from Streetview (where you can see a photo of the outside of a shop/house) and a clear indication that Google will be soon able to predict your thoughts and dreams up to three years in advance.  (Baby steps...) But the coolest thing about this is the fact that we were picked because of YOU!  Google is starting by photographing the most popular businesses as determined by Google queries.  So give yourself a pat on the back and allow us to give you one, too: *pat pat pat*.  Thanks for making Google love us as much as you do! ***Song of the Moment: Neighbors, by Gnarls Barkley***
Group 7