Weekend Inspiration and Perspiration!

This weekend, Jen and I finished up the second half of this photo shoot.  I can't tell you how happy I am, both at how incredible EVERYTHING looked and to have this shoot finished up (not because it was bad or hard or tedious or anything like that, but because my brain is currently spilling over and having this poured out gives me a little sloshing room upstairs). Here are some behind the scenes shots!


Mohawk Making


Linda in Waiting


Claudine Ebel working it


Jen Lamastra working it


Huzzy "working" it.


We made our models sit on the ground in a parking lot.


That's right... on the ground. In a parking lot. Thanks, girls!


Mohawk Mmmmmm!


Are you joking!? Amazing.


Linda wearing Jen's mini-blind hat


I can't wait to show you what these girls wore... the recycled fashions Jen made were incredible.  The makeup by Claudine looked wonderful; Kellie Kane, our photographer, was a delight to work with; of course the jewelry by yours truly was stunning, and the models were so patient, generous, bold, and beautiful.  But guess what!  I was so excited down at the beach that I completely forgot to take any shots. I know.  I've let you down.  I've let myself down.  See why I need more sloshing room upstairs!??!  Stay tuned for the stunning reveal.... ***Song of the Moment, Seaweed, by Fruit Bats.***

Group 7