Outfit of the Day: black and blue.

We have been amping up our workouts lately.  Not for any particular reason (except for, maybe, that I turn 30 in..oh... 1.5 weeks and I'm, maybe, having a slight crisis about it??), we just want to feel good, strong, and healthy. It feels great.  Like if I needed to be on pills for depression, this would be my pill.  I wake up, take my workout pill, and go to work---or vice versa.  BAM, productivity, bright and light happy work for the remainder of the day.  After three days of this back to back, though, I now feel like someone has dragged me from the back of a pickup truck on an inner tube---I've been fighting to stay on that tube so as not to skin myself (seriousy, kids, it is this dramatic), and I've succeeded, but not without some dings and near misses.  I ache.  I move slow.  I groan.  I'm black and blue.

I'm counting 1.2.3. (thank you, steph) to get in and out of the car, on and off the stairs, opening and closing doors, hammering ear wires, moving my head to the right to answer a question---IT ALL HURTS!!  But at the same time, it feels so good.

Black pants:  Scout & Molly's

Blue (oooo ahhhh back shirt): Adorn

Feather Hoops:  betsy & iya



$25, feather hoops


***Song of the Moment: Black and Blue, by Dinah Washington***

Group 7