Give me a BREAK.

I was ready for a break.  More than any other holiday season leading up to this point, I was ready.  In November, we took a few days off.  We took Thanksgiving day off, and then...literally...we worked straight, every single day (some, until 1 in the morning), until our break began, on the airplane, on December 19th.  There were crafty shows, trunk shows, benefit brunches, studio openings, happy shopping hours, a new online shop, a new line (my current favorite), a pop-up shop, and loads of amazing wholesale orders to boot.  I was honored to be so busy.  I was happy.  I was tired.  I was ready for a break.

There is a feeling of love that comes over me when I learn that someone wants to wear my designs.  It's more than satisfaction.  I still have thoughts like: really, you want to wear this thing that I dreamed up?? really? You're soooo great!!

It makes those breaks feel so much more special.  We worked hard, really hard, and it was worth it. And then...

I have a moment, finally (usually on the plane or in the car), to remember why I do it all in the first place.  A moment to sit down and realize how important it is that we make time for space.  Because that's where the magic happens.

Magic = 1) Gingham meets her auntie and uncle dogs.  And plays a LOT.

2) We see some of the most important people in our lives:  family. 3) We see each other. 4) We play. 5) We eat Christmas cookies. 6) We experience the real kind of love. 7) We hear new music. 8) We tell stories. 9) We have amazing conversations. 10) We enjoy the silence. Now we're back.  Now I know why we're really here. I hope you all had the most wonderful breaks and saw what you really needed to see. Hope to see you in the New Year!! xo~betsy Song of the Moment: All You've Got to Do is Fall in Love, by Benji Hughes***
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