You Slacker.

If you're anything like us, you haven't done ANY Christmas shopping.  None.  If you're a lot like us, you've also been working 12-14 hour days, so you don't feel particularly beat up about it either.  But guys: Christmas is breathing down your neck.  Can you feel the chill?  Why not kill a few birds with one stone tonight?  Allow me to enumerate the birds: 1. jewelry 2. complementary booze 3. free gift wrapping 4. avoiding wandering aimlessly around the mall on 12/24 in a cold sweat. 5. making at least one special lady in your life very, VERY happy. This evening, stop by Uncommon Jewels, where yours truly and six other high-profile Portland jewelry designers (Alisha Louise, Amy Bengtson, grayling, Lauren Harkness, Sahlia, and stone + honey) will push your gifting across the goal line.  The deets: Olympic Mills Building 107 SE Washington Street Portland, OR 3pm-9pm *Major credit cards accepted.

Group 7