Breaking all the Rules.

After I wrote that post yesterday, I realized that W and I hadn't had any time to ourselves.  Beyond that, we have so many home projects that keep getting pushed aside, swept under the rug that hasn't been vacuumed in weeks, the chubby kid picked last for the kickball game (not that I know what that feels like...ahem).  I reread my post to make sure it was publish worthy and then I looked over to W, who was also diligently working on business email replies, and I said, "wanna just take today off???"  See, now I'm taking credit for something that he had already wanted to do.  The answer was yes.  And we had the best. day. ever. The plan was always to start work back on the 3rd of January.  Here is what we did instead:


The bridge to home.


Hypnotized by color.


Not sure if it's within our reach, but I sure do love it.


I love this city.




Is this the one?


Mt. Hood puppet show.


The best.


We had decided not to give each other presents this year.  We'd promised we weren't going to break the rules, and sneak a gift in at the last moment.  I think that will go down in history as the worst promise we've ever made.  Yesterday made up for it.  The great thing about life and being human is that you can always decide to reverse something that wasn't supposed to be.  You can decide to make a change.  In our case it had to do with silly Christmas presents and deciding that it wasn't silly at all to give your loved one somtehing.  So we went out in search of the things that would give us warm feelings for years to come, something that would make us remember what we got for Christmas 2010:  a new bed. I think we hit every single furniture store in Portland and didn't quite find what we were looking for...but we had a heck of a day trying. Happy Tuesday!! -b ***Song of the Moment: Runaway, by the National***

Group 7