Design Love.

(and a mini OOTD for you.  I've got lots of new outfit combos stored up for this year; I can't wait to share them all with you.)

I love these shoes. I can't remember what blog I first saw these on, maybe one of my faves, Modish or Creature Comforts, but I feel like I've seen them on lots of great blogs that I read.  Anyways, they would pop up here and there---teasing me.   In this whole saving money phase of my life, I wasn't sure when or if I would ever be able to obtain a pair for my very own. Needless to say, I was astonished when I opened a present from my parents-in-law, with this pair inside: They weren't sure which pair I wanted, W had just send a link to the whole site, saying that I was obsessed.  When I opened them, I wanted to do back flips.  Weird, I know---for shoes. I couldn't believe how well made they were.  I thought they looked great in the pictures, but in person, in person...they blew me away. There was a return slip inside so I could pick the pair I really wanted.  When I went on their site again, though, I was reminded that I pretty much want every pair.  I chose to keep this one---aaaaand start a new collection.  I hope to own a bootie type pair by 2012.  Ah, goals...they're GREAT!

I can't say enough good about this independent company from Brooklyn.  Their handmade shoes are so divine. ***Song of the Moment:  Deep Blue, by Arcade Fire***
Group 7