I attended my first proper naked lady party in November.  For those of you unaware of what happens at such events, it's where women (sorry, no boys allowed) guests bring clothes they have outworn and outloved to share and trade with others.  Basically, the blinds get pulled and the living room becomes a massive dressing room wherein clothes get dumped, tossed, shared, and new clothes love gets born. While I was able to get rid of so many neglected piece of clothing, I walked out with about 5 new outfits---all for free.  And I had such a grand time with so many inspiring ladies. Shoes: new Kenneth Cole booties (from the mama) Sweater: Mabel and Zora Shirt, Skirt, Tights: Naked Lady and Second hand Coin Necklace: betsy & iya Hand engraved earrings: betsy & iya (my new favorites) New projects, new designs, new inspirations all on the horizon.  Can't wait to share it all with you.  Here's a picture to get you perked:


Africa + betsy & iya


Happy Monday to everyone! xo~ betsy ***Song of the Moment: Iron Shoes, by Hauschka***

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Nice outfit, nice shoes! :) Like that outfit of the day!

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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