Expansion Update: Onward & Upward.

Hello build out party people. The past two weeks have been eventful at betsy & iya HQ; Portland saw its first heavy snowfall in a few years, we officially added a new employee, Ashley (allowing Barrie to move into full-time production), and we celebrated Maurice the dog's one year adoption anniversary. Between all of that, expansion progress continued at its own steady pace with continued work on wiring, concrete pouring, and the beginning stages of our new bathroom (!!!!).

Rachel at work   

Rachel hard at work peeling back the insulation on the wall where our new plumbing pipes will go. Related: insulation works really well.

Construction view

Concrete being poured to make stairs. Little did we know that the next day would bring a heavy snowstorm to Portland, pausing construction - and pretty much everything else in town - for a few days!

I'm used to seeing the jewelry making tools my coworkers use to assemble, refine, and finish jewelry, but construction tools are largely a new thing for me. I liked the above scene of them hanging out, along with a special message for all who enter the work zone.

I love everything about this giant blade! The colors, the sawdust around it, the tiny "fringes" still attached to the piece of wood, the way it looks extremely dangerous (don't read too much into that...).

construction progress

It's been a while since I posted a wide shot from my trusty spot on the cement floor. Holy wow. Sure it looks chaotic, dare I say 'messy,' but it's a construction zone, after all. Although I've never thought of it before, the guts of a building are just like our own innards; not traditionally pretty, but strangely beautiful in their functionality.  It's when I see shots like this that I really notice the progress that's been made. For reference, below is the scene on Day One.

expansion progress

Until next time, xo Anna ***Song of the Moment: Daylight by Aan***
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