betsy & iya Personal Stylist: Wrap Belts.

Here at betsy & iya, we're constantly thinking of ways to update and refresh our wardrobes without having to spend a lot of time or money (you think these OOTD posts write themselves?! ). For us, this means relying on each other for tips, advice, and occasionally, hand-me-downs. Side note: if we started an official "betsy & iya Clothing Swap"... would you come?? We channel this "keep it fresh" attitude when considering the clothing & accessories sold in our shop. We want our inventory to contain items you'll want to wear for a long time, regardless of what title is on your business card – if you have one –  or what you do on the weekends (no judgment, ever). Think: more practical than trendy, unique but not "Bjork's Oscars swan dress," well-made but not inaccessible. And we're here to help; we love offering up the same tips & tricks we share amongst ourselves with  you in our shop, on social media, and here on our blog. Starting now with one of our most versatile items: the leather wrap belt. leather wrap belts Wide black leather (L), and brown leather wrap belts

We've carried these leather belts  by Martine Satchels in different widths and colors for over a year now, and they're a popular fixture on our shop mannequin, Daphne, due to their endless styling possibilities. If you thought a belt was just for holding up your pants or providing a pop of color when you raise your arms, think again. Take a tunic from shapeless to defined, a cardigan from open to neatly contained; think of a wrap belt as an accessory all its own, meant for mixing & matching, just like your jewelry.  Throw out everything you know about traditional belts. Trust us, it's way easier this way (no loops, notches, or buckles to worry about) and you'll end up with way more options, thus keeping your look funky fresh 24/7/365!

ways to wear wrap belt Wrap around waist & cardigan, tie in front, accessorize liberally.

ways to wear a wrap belt Wrap around waist, tie in the back, cardigan over.



ways to wear wrap belt A wrap belt will never be boring! Take it up & around your neck (L) or get inventive with braiding (R).ways to wear a wrap belt Great minds wrap alike. If Daphne had a mind, you know it'd be in synch with Barrie's brilliance. Do you have other ways to wear a wrap belt? Do share in the comments & we'll incorporate them into our styling of Daphne (and probably our real lives, too!). Cheers, Anna

***Song of the Moment: Believe by Cher (a song I always want to BELT out.. get it?)***

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