Outfit of the Day: Matty the Shepherd.

Matty's been wrapping himself up in the most whimsical sweaters lately and I can't help but be extremely jealous. During a snow flurry he just happened to be sporting a wooly sweater with little sheep! I asked Matty, "Where is the Shepherd?" and he immediately answered, "I AM the Shepherd!!" Of course you are, Matty. How foolish of me to ask. betsy and iya_matty the shepherd betsy and iya_matty the shepard2 betsy and iya_matty the shepard3 betsy and iya_matty the shepard4 betsy and iya_matty the shepard5


Sweater from Magpie

Jacket by Diesel

Jeans from Machus

Socks by Wigwam

Loafers from Red White & Blue Vintage

Worry not my friends, Matty herded his flock safely through the snow storm.   Sheepishhugs, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Don't Stop Me Now by Queen***
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